お客様に寄り添って テーラーメイドなコンサルティングとコーディネーションを提供いたします。

GLINK LLC promises to provide Tailor-Made consulting and coordination to the client.

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What is GLINK?


GLINKのGは、Global, Growth, Goal, Genuineと、それらをLINKさせて世界に喜びを届ける(Glee)ことを意味しています

GLINK’s G stands for being Global and Genuine, achieving Growth and reaching your Goals.  We bring all four together to make your company a more successful and happier entity.


  Some of the comments we often hear from our clients are,   “Our employees work hard but our sales are just not going up…”
“Although we have great products our sales are not improving…”
“I don’t feel we really know our clients”
“We don’t seem to be getting many new customers.”

GLINK would like to help you by providing strategic planning and tailor-made consulting and support to implement these changes for success.
In order to achieve these goals, it is vital to train your entire staff to work well with both your customers and each other.  We want to show you the way forward.



GLINK 組織・人材最適化へのアドバイス 組織・人材最適化へのアドバイス
Optimizing Human Resources
✔ 組織の評価・査定:人事的に目標達成するために必要な組織になっているかを見極めます。
We analyze and evaluate your organization to see if you have the best people fit for the jobs to achieve your goals.
✔ 組織の改善:見極めた結果、必要があれば人材の配置・変更・採用までフルサポートいたします。
We may advise you to reshuffle your current employees or hire new ones.
GLINK 顧客戦略の企画・実行 顧客戦略の企画・実行
Planning Customer Strategies
✔ 顧客戦略のリビューと企画:顧客戦略(ストラテジー)のリビュー後、最適化をいたします。新しいストラテジーを企画し、必要であればそれを一緒に実行いたします。
We review your customer strategies and suggest ways to reshape them through planning new strategies and advice on implementing them.
✔ 顧客関係の改善と構築:顧客の有無に関わらず、アプローチする優先順位を決め、ネットワーク構築を一緒に遂行いたします。
We will help you build up trust between you and your clients, prioritizing your actions and building networks. If you are already in the process of looking for clients, we will help you find them and show you how to get off to a good, productive start.
GLINK 製品戦略のリビュー・最適化へのアドバイス 製品戦略のリビュー
Reviewing Product Strategy and Advice
✔ 顧客との製品マッチング:既存の製品と市場ニーズのマッチング調査を行います。
We analyze to see if your products and sales tools actually match the needs of the market and give advice to your strategies.
✔ 戦略・計画とアドバイス:顧客に対しての製品戦略を企画し、セールスツールなどのアドバイスおよび会社内外へのアプローチのストラテジーを企画します。
We will show you how to communicate effectively with people both inside and outside your organization, which includes foreign companies with language and cultural differences, and help you get the best possible results.